Saturday, 28 March 2020

About The Mountains of the Moon

A Little Background to the Name and Inspiration Behind The Mountains of the Moon.

The name The Mountains of the Moon was inspired by my childhood in Uganda. Each week my father would take me to a bar, The Mountains of the Moon, where he'd sit and drink with friends. It was an era which became etched in my memories forever, and as a show of respect for my family and my wonderful childhood, I decided to name my restaurant after the bar to which I was so often willingly taken. The bar in Uganda has now been transformed into a hotel, but it still sits on the original site.

In addition, my roots stem from the province of Gujarat in north west India, the area from which Gandhi originated, and much of the dishes I serve are from the recipes and inspiration of my mother Nirmala, to whom I am forever grateful for the culinary gift she bestowed upon me.

I dedicate the restaurant to my parents and I dedicate my love and passion for cooking to my customers....without you, there would be no Mountains of the Moon, Indian Restaurant.











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